Rodin Consulting is dedicated to the design, development and management of a low-carbon and resource-efficient built environment. Formed in 2009, our consultants offer combined decades of experience in urban planning and management, masterplanning, building design, and renewable energy and carbon abatement. We share a passion for the transformation in the design and function of buildings and cities, rooted in what is achievable and deliverable today.

Countless visions for the future of the urban environment have been offered, and indeed projecting the future built environment is inexact. We believe, however, that planning and designing cities and their constituent components - from single buildings, large developments, whole districts, and the infrastructure that support them - must change, driven by environmental resource constraints and the impacts of an inevitably changing climate. Whether pulled by maturing policy prescriptions or shifts in personal and corporate attitudes, savvy project leaders recognise that standard formulas and solutions are inadequate for addressing these changing conditions. Rodin works at formulating and delivering new approaches and solutions, elevating eco-efficiency and climate change resiliency to leading, integral features of commercially successful projects and effective policies and strategies.

Rodin takes a collaborative approach to discerning environmental and resource imperatives specific to each assignment. Working in concert with project decision makers and associated professionals, Rodin can deliver a range of strategic to applied technical inputs that embrace best practice and innovation, positioning its clients for the future.

Rodin Consulting: Rethinking the Built Environment.

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20th Century visions for the future of cities:
Frank Lloyd Wright, Broadacre City (1958)
Le Corbusier, La Ville Radieuse (1935)
Fred Freeman, City in a geodesic dome (1959)
New York World’s Fair ‘Futurama’ (1939)