Articles and Publications

Delivering Distributed Renewable Energy within Large-Scale Property Projects: Obstacles and Opportunities (Paper and Presentation at Renewable Energy World Europe 2013) (link to Conference website; paper attached)

CCS: Sitting on the Wrong Side of Innovation (Energy and Environment Journal) (link to abstract; full text attached)

Too Big to Fail? Will fossil-fuel giants be bailed out like the banks? (EurActiv)

Oh CCS, Where Art Thou? (Renewable Energy World)

The Case Against CCS (European Energy Review) (log-in required; full text attached)

Cities Beyond Airports (CNBC Energy Opportunities)


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Energy in Demand
Solar City
100 Percent Renewable
Level Agency for Infrastructure


CCS-The Wrong Side of Innovation_Energy and Environment 2012.pdf (47k)
Renewable Energy World Europe 2013.pdf (258k)
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