Economics of Green Cities - Copenhagen Green Leader Report (LSE Cities)

The Economics of Green Cities Programme examines the risk-adjusted costs and benefits of green policy frameworks on the sustainable economic growth of cities in different parts of the world.  Rodin is working with LSE Cities on a new report assessing the progress and future policy directions of Copenhagen to meet it's carbon-neutral, climate change adaptation, and international eco-innovation and leadership targets. 

Programme Development, Commercial Building Energy Efficiency  (C40 Cities for Climate Leadership / Greater London Authority)

Following on from its successful work in public sector energy efficiency retrofits, the Greater London Authority is creating a voluntary programme targeting large corporations who will commit to carbon emissions reductions from their building stock. Rodin is working with the C40 and the GLA on establishing the programme targets, retrofit financing models, and corporate engagement strategy, drawing from best practices in other C40 cities globally.

CDP Cities (Carbon Disclosure Project)

CDP Cities, a programme of the Carbon Disclosure project, provides a voluntary climate change reporting platform for city governments. Rodin   drafted the CDP Cities programme guidance manual detailing i) emissions accounting and verification protocols (government corporation and city-wide); ii) climate change risk / impact assessments; and iii) city-based financial, policy and statutory levers for carbon mitigation and climate change adaptation.

Aga Khan University, Tanzania (Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Planners)

Rodin delivered preliminary energy and environmental strategies for a new university campus being designed in Arusha, Tanzania. The studies covered: i) Water Efficiency / Wastewater Management; ii) Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Supply; iii) Environmental Assessment / Certification Protocols; and iv) Non-motorised Transport and Mobility.

Kilimanjaro International Climate Change Centre (ECO Consult Sepp & Busacker Partnerschaft)

Team leader for an EC Framework Contract project to prepare a pre-feasibility organisational strategy and business case for a proposed African climate change centre of excellence at Mt Kilimanjaro. 

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program Design, Jordan (DAI)

Scoping and program design for an upcoming multi-year USAID funded project to address energy efficiency and renewable energy policy and capacity gaps in Jordan within the utilities, governance, and technical services sectors.  

'Energy Efficient Buildings' European Market Study (Navigant Research)

Market research report analysing the European market for residential and commercial building energy efficient products and services. The study summarises the market drivers and barriers for energy efficient products and services, including energy service company (ESCO) energy performance contracting, across the policy and technology landscape in Europe. Market forecasts through 2023 are provided by technology and sub-region.

'Smart Glass' Global Outlook Market Study (Navigant Research)

Market research report on innovative glazing and facade technologies to improve building energy performance.