Working on behalf of project developers and designers, asset owners and operators, and public sector organisations, Rodin offers a range of strategic and applied technical services.

Low-Carbon Energy Strategies

Strategic and programme services targeting large developments up to cities and regions seeking more control over their energy future. The advice is premised on use of distributed energy production and storage systems, powered by renewable resources, and coupled with dramatic improvements in energy efficiency and demand management.

  • Macro demand side management (DSM) strategy, including modelling of building design improvements with localised renewable yield analysis.
  • Assessment and development of regulatory, programmatic and market interventions for facilitating investment in renewables and efficiency.
  • Technical and financial assessments for locally deployable, low-carbon energy assets.
  • City-based policy and statutory levers (land-use, municipal infrastructure, transport, buildings and development, waste) for carbon reductions.
  • Advisement on carbon finance options and other specialised financial instruments.

Property and Real Estate

Advisory services for delivering improvements in environmental design and operations.

  • Strategic and technical advisor for environmental design and climate change, from single buildings to large-scale master plans.
  • Structured methodology for embedding ‘best principles’ into project brief and delivery framework.
  • Project visioning and detailed, quantifiable development objectives across all environmental and climate impact categories.
  • Technical and financial advisory services for renewable energy and carbon abatement solutions.
  • Documentation and evidence for regulatory planning matters.

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

Advisory services for understanding and managing the risks from climate change and climate variability in the built environment.This focus on climate change adaptation is suited to designers, owners and operators of long-life fixed assets, as well as government organisations seeking policy responses in urban management, planning, and design standards for climate impact resiliency

  • Urban and regional planning scale impacts investigation and management strategy.
  • Project-level analysis of climate science and projected vulnerabilities.
  • Risk analysis and management frameworks for infrastructure and hard assets.

21th Century visions for the future of cities:
Ravine City / Chris Hardwicke, Sweeny Sterling Finlayson &Co Architects
4D Lightful Gardens / Abruzzo Bodziak Architects
Vertical farm / Gordon Graff 
The Green Megacity / Popular Science